Is MMS safe to download?

I received a message from 79481 and got an error message that reads, “Error downloading MMS message, tap to retry”

How can I determine who this is from and whether or not it is safe to download?

It is probably from something that you opt-in for in the past.
There are no complaints registered for this MMS, however, you can check it out further at 79483 Short Code - Short Code & Cell Phone Lookup

Hi @chiggers9 This message is actually usually caused by one of a couple of things and tapping to download won’t actually work. Is your device a Samsung device by chance?

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No, it is a Moto X4

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I only give out my personal number to friends/family. For everything else I use a google number.

I texted STOP to the number today and got an unsubscribe notice from SHEEX. I looked them up and they sell bedding. I’ve never purchased or subscribed to them. Somehow they got my number. Thanks for all the responses.


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