Is MotoG5+ CDMA?

I put this question on another area, but now I can’t find it to check on status. Sorry if this is a repeat. Last night I ordered a new MotoG5+, but I forgot to check and see if it will be CDMA, that’s what works best in my area.
I would like to make certain that it is before it is shipped and I have to return it.

Thanks you so much,

My other post began with “URGENT!” Again apologies for any confusion.

Please advise asap, so I can take any necessary action. :o(

If you ordered it from Republic the Coverage checker should pick the better of the 2 networks for your zip code
as you describe the CDMA Partner is better I would expect a CDMA SIM to be installed, but no system is perfect and if you do get a GSM version you can request a CDMA though support


Thank you, I will pursue the How to Request info.
It’s really not just my area, but an area I’m in frequently. The GSM was not a good fit on my last phone & I had to send it back and get CDMA.

And thanks for your quick response. I hope to catch it before it ships

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I would note that they would just be sending a CDMA SIM and not a different phone (the Moto G5+ supports both so all that is need is a SIM swap)

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great! now, all I have to do is google how to swap a sim card…lol… I’m not tech savvy, but I can read & follow directions…



It’s still possible that the coverage check did it’s job correctly and you will not need to know how to do this but It’s not that hard to do and (one can search for videos on YouTube)

here the Motorola document for the Moto G5+

and in case you got the Moto G5S+ here’s it Motorola link

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Again, thanks. I’m hoping since my piece of junk MotoG4 is CDMA the g5+ will be too.


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