Is my Moto X4 locked?

Is my phone, Moto X4, w/ RW locked? If so, how do I get it unlocked?

All phones sold by Republic since July 2016, including your Moto X4, are factory unlocked.

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I meant to say that I have RW basic service using their SIM. Doesn’t RW use Sprint’s network, which is CDMA? Does RW’s SIM card make my Moto X4 work with CDMA? And, either way, I’m asking again if it is unlocked? Or are only phones that were made to run ONLY on CDMA locked? I did not buy my phone from RW; I bought it from Motorola.

Any phone used with Republic is factory unlocked. Putting a Republic SIM in it doesn’t change that. The Moto X4 is a GSM and CDMA phone when it comes out of the factory and and would still be that way today.

Republic’s newer compatible phones are provisioned for cellular coverage with either GSM (T-Mobile network) or CDMA (Sprint network). If you wish to determine which network your Moto X4 is provisioned for coverage with, the how to is here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Your Moto X4 is factory unlocked.

A phone’s cellular network compatibility is separate from a phone being locked or unlocked. It’s true older legacy Republic phones (Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) are CDMA network compatible only but that’s not why they only work with Republic’s service. Older legacy phones used a custom version of Android and that is why they are not compatible with networks other than Republic’s. For the sake of clarity this does not apply to newer compatible phones sold at Republic’s online store or accepted for service on Republic’s network since August of 2016. All newer Republic compatible phones are factory unlocked.

It does not matter where the X4 was purchased. Any Moto X4 used with Republic is factory unlocked.

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What makes you think your phone might be locked? Is there a message of some kind or did someone outside of republic say it’s locked?

My impression is that Sprint’s service is CDMA, and I thought that CDMA phones didn’t use a SIM card and were locked. I know, though, that my phone does use a SIM card and have been wondering how this works now.

Good Morning @raymondh.0fdix8,

You are correct Sprint’s service is CDMA and originally CDMA phones indeed did not use SIM cards. That changed with 4G LTE. LTE is actually an evolution of GSM technology and all phones using 4G LTE use a SIM. In a sense, the two national U.S. CDMA carriers (Sprint and Verizon) have been hybrid GSM/CDMA carriers since they like other U.S. carriers adopted LTE (about 5 years ago).

In any event, CDMA phones aren’t locked by virtue of being CDMA phones. In the past, both Sprint and Verizon whitelisted phones specifically intended for use on their networks. Since adopting LTE, both Sprint and Verizon have been considerably more relaxed about allowing non-whitelisted phones on their networks. Again, the fact a particular CDMA capable phone wasn’t whitelisted doesn’t mean it was locked. In fact, today most if not all CDMA capable phones are GSM capable also. One would be hard pressed to find a current CDMA capable phone that isn’t also GSM capable.

Finally, I don’t see it’s been established your Moto X4 is provisioned for coverage with Republic’s CDMA network partner (Sprint). It may very well be provisioned with Republic’s GSM network partner (T-Mobile). If you want to make the determination, please follow Republic’s guidance that more than one of us has previously posted. Regardless of which network Republic has provisioned your Moto X4 for coverage with, it is a factory unlocked phone.

Thank you very much. That, together with the slightly earlier answer telling me exactly where to find the service technology (CDMA or GSM) I’m using, answers everything I need to know. Fantastic! Thanks, again.

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