Is my phone dropping WIFI?


Moto G5 plus

Ever since the upgrade a few days ago, my phone looks like it’s dropping WIFI. When I go into WIFI settings, it says it’s connected but the arc is not green and says “calls over cell, messages and data over WIFI”.


Could you take a look at What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help and see which one of these Notifications you are receiving. Note the Arc is either Solid or Open and the color will vary as indicated in the document.

  • Which Notification do you see?

After that I would consider doing Quick Check 1 & 2 in Router Tweaks to help clean up potential router problems that could cause the problem


The three connectivity status notifications I usually get are:
On WiFi : Connected to ssid; full green arc
On WiFi: Calls over cell, messages and data over WiFi; empty blue arc
On Cell : Connected to the cellular network; empty blue arc

I took a screen shot of my issue. Hopefully the image is attached. I’m connected to the WIFI but I have an empty blue arc


Thanks for the excellent feedback!
A couple of things I see:

  • The default naming convention of your Router, NETGEAR88 & NETGEAR88-5G prevents your phone from using the best available signal. (unless on purpose, as some prefer to use the 5G service for gaming etc)
    • Normally we see shared SSID/Network Names … like MyNetgear etc
  • NETGEAR76 may be on same or adjacent channel and could be causing interference
  • The second one ‘Open Blue Arc’ Connected to the cellular network, is the normal notification, that many of see when the Android code puts the phone into deep Doze and it usually requires a cycle off/on of the WiFi to wake it up
  • Which Netgear router are you using?


The routers you see on the screenshot are routers at work so I’m not sure I can make any changes to them. I don’t know which Netgear router we are using.
I did the Quick Check #1 (but I just “forgot” the router on my phone and powered it down. I did not power down the modem and router since I am at work.) That seemed to help because I have not “dropped” WIFI since.
Regarding the doze problem…I downloaded the MacroDroid app several months ago and set a macro to “wake” up my phone every 50 min.

Since it seems to be working fine now, I will forego any other steps. If I have any other issues I will ask. Thanks for the help and links jben! I really appreciate it!


ok, thanks again for the feedback (didn’t realize this was at work - which normally presents a whole different set of obstacles to overcome (like blocking of ports for security, which you don’t appear to have)




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