Is my phone Moto G Power phone unlocked?

Hi. I’m a RW customer since 2014. I bought my current Moto G Power (2020) phone from RW. Is the phone unlocked? For example, can the phone work on Google Fi?

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Hi @johnd.8e056v,

Your phone is factory unlocked and may be used with any service provider (domestic or international) willing to accept it. Is there a particular reason you are considering Google Fi?

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Hi. We’re in a wait and see mode regarding the deal with Dish. If the deal goes South, we’ll have to look for a new phone provider. We hope it works because RW was/is a great service. We have especially liked the customer support. √√√


I think roaming voice coverage could be an issue. Covid we have been stuck at home. Summer travel if if if no voice roaming even need or low use could be ugh if things change. aka Rebublic contracts end someday replace by roaming Dish we dont know.

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