Is Refund Plan still available if I currently have it and switch phones?


I currently have the Refund Plan, but my current phone is dying and I need to replace it. If I get a new phone, am I able to stay on the Refund Plan?


Hi @johnc.msghbw,

I’m afraid not. Keeping your grandfathered plan with a new Republic phone isn’t possible. Republic’s new phones require use of Republic’s My Choice plan: In Republic’s words:

“Republic Wireless My Choice is an entirely new offer and has tons of new features like wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) experience. With these features, we’ve also made changes to price points.” Republic hopes you’ll find the value proposition to be appealing.

You may continue using your current plan, by purchasing a legacy Republic phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2). No legacy Republic phones remain available for purchase as new phones. Restocking is not an option as Motorola no longer manufactures these phones. You might consider purchasing a previously used legacy Republic phone. Republic offers guidance for that here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.


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