Is Republic Anywhere Dead?

I asked a question about Republic Anywhere being behind on emojis on the desktop app. I got a response from an Ambassador “drm186” saying that “all development on Republic anywhere has been stop to work on other projects.” So is Republic Anywhere dead? Did I understand this correctly? Should I just remove it from my phone and computers and go back to default texting? Am I the only person using Republic Anywhere? The last update appears to be from July 2017. Thanks!

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You can use Anywhere there just won’t be any updates in the foreseeable future. I think it’s recommended that users switch back to Google Messages now.

Will Google Messages work on tablets, laptops and PC ?

Anywhere is not dead just no longer in development (Republic see it as a finished product) there no current team working on it and Republic may come back to it or they may not, it is what it is.

Google has added a web interface for Messages by Google (and may be one reason why Republic stop future development as not to overlap with Google and to spend resources where they offer a more unique service/product)
I will note this requires the phone to still be on and will use some data (where Anywhere synced to the server and did not require the phone to be on.)
here a how to for Messages by Google

Yes, but with one major caveat. Anywhere works even if the phone is lost, off, or destroyed. Messages actually syncs with the phone to get the messages so the phone must be on and connected to the internet for it to work.

Official answer here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

This recommendation is only if a user is experiencing an issue with Anywhere. Those using Anywhere and enjoying it (like me) should not feel compelled to switch.


Is Republic Anywhere still recommended for foreign traveling (Italy) while using a foreign SIM card, to retain texting/call on the republic network and be able to make and receive US texts/calls?

Republic anywhere is the only way to keep using ones Republic number to text (to US and Canada based numbers) while another SIM is being used in the phone


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I wanted to reinstall Anywhere on a phone I just reset and I can’t find it on the Play Store. Does anyone know if it has been removed from the store?

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Republic Anywhere is no longer available in the Play Store for phones running anything older than Android 6.0.

The version for our legacy phones is available for sideloading from our help center at Republic Wireless Downloads – Republic Help


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