Is Republic still WiFi first?

Has Republic changed it’s WiFi first vision? This was the reason I chose to have Republic in the first place. I’m on a legacy phone plan that still does do WiFi first, then cell if it’s not available. However, in considering whether to update my phone and looking at the choice plans, the Republic site actually states that these plans use cell first and WiFi when cell is not available. This seems like a change in Republic’s original vision for WiFi first. Not really sure I want to upgrade to this now. I’m thinking I should just sit on my legacy plan until the phone dies and then look at what other carriers are out there. Saddened to read this, since my phone has started having issues of late. The other option, I guess, would be to find a second hand legacy phone out there somewhere to replace it with. IDK

I’m not sure where you read this, but my phone always uses wifi whenever I’m connected to a good wifi connection (at home, businesses, etc.). It even tells me in the notification that I’m connected to wifi for calls, and when I place a call, it tells me if I’m using wifi or cell. Maybe you could tell us where on the site it says this?

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I don’t know if this link will work or not. But, it’s on the page that gives the coverage for an area. It states
" Coverage anywhere you go
You’ve got 4G LTE service across the country, backed by our two nationwide carriers.
More access with WiFi
Your phone automatically uses WiFi for calls, texts, and data anywhere cell service can’t reach."
The “anywhere cell service can’t reach” sounds to me like it’s cell first, WiFi second, instead of the other way around??
Hopefully this is just bad copy and not a change of vision.

What plan are you on? I really would like to upgrade, and will if the new plans are still using WiFi first. But, I see no need to do it if it goes to cell first and only automatically goes to WiFi if you’re not getting a cell signal.

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I’m on the current My Choice plan. As it says in the text you quoted, it automatically uses wifi where it’s available…so, in other words, wifi first. As it was when I was on the old plan 2 years ago.

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Republic is still a WiFi first VOIP with cell backup provider,. It’s not being push on their website as most customers don’t care for want to learn what that means they want to simply have a phone that works with out spending an arm and a leg on the monthly bill.


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Your quote comes from the coverage page. The idea it’s trying to get across is that if you’re looking at the coverage map and seeing a gap, you’re still going to be able to use the phone if you have Wi-Fi. Someone who’s new to Republic and looking at coverage isn’t thinking about a Wi-Fi-first philosophy; they are comparing the places they’ll be able to use the phone to the coverage they currently have. This expands the concept of “coverage” to remote areas and even overseas.

The phone will still automatically connect to your saved networks and use Wi-Fi when it’s available, falling back to cell when the Wi-Fi signal can’t support a call.

Not only that, the My Choice plan includes Republic Verified Wi-Fi Hotspots, automatic access to 30 million Wi-Fi networks across the US. When you’re in one of these locations, you don’t have to do anything, the phone will just connect to the network, just as it does to your saved networks, logging in automatically if there’s a captive portal, seamlessly using Wi-Fi first in those locations.

Now, I’m not trying to sound like an infomercial, just answering your concern, and I think the access to 30 million Wi-Fi hotspots is a good indicator of our commitment to wanting our members to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. I will note, though, that a change in Android involving a battery-saving feature called doze mode does make staying connected to Wi-Fi a little more challenging. Our Community members have come up with a solution to this challenge, so you’ll want to be familiar with this topic if you upgrade:

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