Is Republic Support 'closed' today?

It’s ok and I understand either way, but it would be nice to know if help tickets will be responded to today, being that it is a holiday?

I just inquired and have been assured that Support folks are indeed handling tickets, however, if you could share with the community what problem you are encountering perhaps one of us could help

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Thanks JBen,

The issue is we are switching one of our phone plans over to MINT, to test the waters over there. We purchased a new phone over there, but want to port our old republic number over to the new phone. During the activation process that’s where we hit a snag. Transfer of the number fails due to ‘invalid PIN’. However I’ve reset my PIN multiple times and tried again and still get the same error message. MINT customer support said to contact Republilc, that maybe they are ‘holding’ my phone number and have to release it, or it could be a different issue causing the problem. I followed the steps I received from Republic, but it’s not working for me.

Have you looked at this Help Article?
This Note may apply to your problem

  • If the first attempt to transfer your number is unsuccessful, you’ll need to update the PIN for the service line being transferred, cancel the initial transfer request and submit a new transfer request through your new provider.
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Hi @gregorym.lzujib,

You mentioned this is one of the phones in your account. Is there a chance the number you wish to transfer (port) is attached to a phone assigned to a secondary user as described by Republic here:

If so, to use the master account PIN, you’ll first need to un-assign the secondary user as described here:

Once done, the master account PIN you’ve been resetting would work, however, please do as suggested by @jben and ask Mint to cancel the pending port, then start over. If Mint simply updates the pending port, it will likely continue to fail.


I’ve reset my PIN multiple times and tried again and still get the same error message.

There is no secondary user associated with this phone. I have a phone and my wife has a phone, but I’m not aware of the ‘secondary user’ concept or what that means, so I assume it does not apply. I’m the only one that uses my phone, and my wife is the only one that uses her phone.

Hi @gregorym.lzujib,

When you sign into the account housing the phones, do you see both phones here:

If so, do both phones show your name or your wife’s name? If one phone shows your name and the other shows your wife’s name, one is assigned to a secondary user. Then the question would be; who owns the account, you or your wife? And, whose number are your trying to port to Mint, yours or your wife’s?

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Odd and confusing, but thanks for the info. I’m not switching both phones(at least not yet) just my wife’s. According to previous instructions I received from Republic, the ‘account number’ refers to the PHONE number, but I guess she’s considered a ‘secondary user’ of an account with my phone number? But I’m not switching my ‘Republic Account’ entire, just the one user of the one phone(my wife).

My name appears with my phone. My wife’s name appears with her phone. I would think that I would be the ‘owner’ since I had this account long before my wife joined, but who knows.

Even with all of this, we both have the same PIN, so it’s not clear why it’s telling me ‘invalid PIN’

I thought I would be able to ‘test the waters’ before decommissioning my phone on republics end, but if I’m reading this correctly then that’s not the case.

…So I’m to change the name on my wife’s phone to my name? Would I THEN contact MINT again and have them try the transfer?

Hi @gregorym.lzujib,

To answer your first question, Republic support is always open, all day, every day.

This indicates you have at some point “assigned” your wife as a user on the account. You’ll want to unassign her. It’s not about changing her name, just unassign the phone so it’s not assigned to an account user.

Then reset the PIN on the account.

Then make sure you are giving Mint the phone number you want to transfer as the account number. If that’s your wife’s number, give them her number.

If you want to move her number without disrupting service on her Republic phone, we can do that. The number would move to Mint, and her Republic line would stay active. We need to know in advance if that’s what you want to do, though, because it requires a back-end setting change. Otherwise, when her number moves out, her line will be canceled.

If you just mean that you want to move her number and cancel her line, but keep your line intact, that’s exactly what will happen by submitting the number transfer to Mint with her phone number.

Once you have her phone unassigned and the PIN has been reset, then yes, you have to ask Mint to cancel the original request and submit a new one. Updating or resubmitting a failed request will not work.

This is absolutely incorrect. The number transfer process is automated, by design, and we do not touch it in any way. If the correct info is submitted, the number transfers out without any action on our behalf.


Thanks to everyone for their input/help. I got it to work.

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