Is Republic wireless compatible with Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky 4GLTE from straight talk?

I’m seeking clarification if there is more than one type of Samsung Galaxy J3.

There are different J3 builds that work:

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

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Simple answer: No.

Only the factory unlocked version of the (J320A) J3, with the builds listed in the link above work with Republic. Yours is a S320V and can not be made to work with Republic.

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Thank you.

Will the Samsung Galaxy J3 Sky SM-S320VL (for Tracfone) work on Republic Wireless?

If you go to our BYOP site it will walk you through how to check it even has a drop-down letting you know how to tell on a j3.

You can check compatibility without installing the app by looking up your phone’s model number…

To find your phone’s model and build number, go to:
Apps -> Settings -> About Device
Look for Model number and Build number in the list.
Compatible model number: SM-J320A
Compatible build numbers: MMB29K.J320AUEU2AQB1, MMB29K.J320AUES2APJ2, MMB29K.J320AUEU1APE9
Must be North America Unlocked version.
*Samsung Galaxy J3 users may have an old build number on their phone and need to update to the build listed above. Please also note that the AT&T branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service.

Since the model is the SM-S320VL and not the SM-J320A it will not work.

Thank you!

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