Is Republic Wireless compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5?


I just heard about Republic Wireless and am ready to sign up! However, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 that I love and I didn’t see it on your list of phones that I can bring with me. Is Republic compatible with the S5? My current service provider is AT&T.



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at this time the Samsung S5 is not compatible and I don’t see them going back and approving older phones as one of the requirements is android 6.0 + which not all people update there old phones (the S6 is the old comparable model and only the unlocked builds of the SM-920T (it shares the model number with the T-mobile variant but it needs to be the US factory unlocked )

See here for additional info about compatible phone

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

Be sure to check additional details about compatibility using the link

marked "Check compatibility without installing the app. " at the bottom of section 1.

for more detailed information about exact model number and in some cases

exact build number that is supported.

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