Is Republic Working on the Twitter Problem?

My wife tried to sign up to Twitter using my Republic phone number and got the “carrier not accepted” message. Twitter still does not accept Republic phone numbers (probably because of VOIP). Is there anything Republic can do to remedy this? It could be a showstopper for A LOT of members. Twitter has recently started suspending accounts in large numbers and in many cases the phone number is the only way to get confirmation on the account to get reinstated. I know Republic is going to say “it’s Twitter’s fault” but this issue is just the beginning. If Twitter is doing it now, then it’s going to start happening with all of the Social Media sites. I’ve been very happy with Republic over the years and this is the first time I’ve been really annoyed at Republic’s tepid response to any issue. It may be time for Republic to consider moving to an accepted text platform (non-VOIP) or negotiating with Twitter (and the other social media sites) to get Republic whitelisted. Perhaps there is a technological workaround to the problem. Otherwise, this could cause a mass exodus from Republic. I’m thinking about it myself. My phone is getting a little old and it may be a good time for a change of carrier.

Twitter still works with my Google Voice number, but I’ve about given up on social media. I feel it over represents extremists. It’s like that one loud guy at the end of the bar that everyone ignores suddenly having a megaphone which makes him nearly impossible to ignore. I’m still on Reddit because I appreciate the down vote button which can take away the megaphone.


Moving to “another text platform” would require entirely re-engineering the Republic product, the way it works, the technology it is based on, the technology it has patented, etc. It would not be trivial and likely would lead to price changes as well given one of the advantages of the platform is cost savings. BTW – This is not to say that this isn’t something that Republic would or would not consider. I don’t think this issue would be why they would consider it, and I don’t want to get in to a treatise here about why I think it would be worth thinking about, but unless they’re already working on it it likely wouldn’t be something that they could do in a timeframe that would make you happy!

That said, Republic does try to work with providers when there are these issues. Most recently they were able to get things working again with Wells Fargo when it previously didn’t work. I have no inside information as to any success or failure they may be having or have had with Twitter specifically but given how spectacularly bad their customer service is, and how little they care if you have an account (unless you have a blue check), I wouldn’t hold my breath for them working with Republic.

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