Is Republic's data usage count dishonest?

Is Rebublic’s count of data usage dishonest? Over the past few years, my usage crept fron 3 to 11 gig with little change in my behavior. What was once an inexpensive carrier is now amazingly expensive.

Are we being conned? Can’t recommend what has become the most expensive carrier to anyone.

Can someone recommend an inexpensive, honest carrier?


Have you looked at which of your apps is actually consuming data? For example, if you leave WAZE on , even if you’re not using it, it consumes data.


Ahhh that would be Republic Wireless

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For me, I found that Google Assistant was extremely data hungry. Had to turn it’s access to data off.


I am not sure how you are connecting the dots from high data usage to RW being a dishonest carrier.

If you are interested in solving the former…may I suggest that you start with this
and see if you can figure out if the usage as reported by your phone matches your actual data usage.

You may also want to compare the data usage reported in the RW app and that reported by the Android system.

Here is another great resource to manage data usage by various apps



I find the app Glasswire to be helpful in getting more specific app, data usage


TAMU perfect. Thanks.


Not sure if this is on topic, but one of the things that haunts me about my impending change from a 4G phone to a 5G phone is the possibility of an app asking for 1 GB of data, and the 5G connection responding with “Sure no problem”, and I might blink or sneeze once or twice and have my entire 1 month allotment of data disappear – poof.

Ha. My son the programming nerd says that memory and bandwidth are now so abundant that coders no longer care about efficiency. Keeps him employed - - reviewing code for efficiency.

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The Marketing Department of all cell providers have thought of this too! :slight_smile:

One can foil them if they wish to do so. :wink: It’s entirely possible to turn 5G data off on a 5G capable phone.

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Yeah, but notice they’re sunsetting 2G where we REALLY learned to save our bits! :slight_smile:

Sneaky folks those marketing types! :slight_smile:

The last time I used 2G regularly was in 2007 with Apple’s original iPhone. As I recall, I could drive to where I was going faster than Google Maps loaded (yes, at the time, Google Maps was the default mapping app on iPhone). :grinning:

Marketing’s job is to entice us. An educated consumer knows when to resist being enticed.


You make an excellent point about turning off the 5G, and I can see myself doing that, and then wondering why I spent extra money to buy a phone that has it. What I really want is the ability to set a maximum speed while leaving the 5G turned on… while I wait for RW to be the first to offer unlimited 5G for $20 month.

Hi @sfbaywalk,

Have you determined whether any app has been going wild with data consumption yet? Eleven GB in a month is a lot of data.

I don’t see a chorus of replies here suggesting that others also feel Republic is dishonestly misrepresenting our members’ data usage. I can understand why you’d be concerned, but as the owner of seven service lines, such behavior hasn’t been my experience. I do have one daughter whose phone tends to drop its WiFi connection, and she streams music all night while she sleeps, so she has woken up to some surprises now and then, but it has always been legitimate data use.

We’re glad to help you get that data consumption under control.


Every time I’ve seen unexpected data use in my plan , yours truly has been responsible for it.

I’d never consider RW to be dishonest about consumption.


TAMU provided the answer. Thank you.

Apps by design are more data hungry and have made their management more difficult… Unless you spend your time connected to WiFi and/or fine tuning your apps. a gig of data can disappear in a couple days.

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This app is great, thanks Tamu!