Is RW planning to market to the Spanish community (if you haven't already...)?


I’ve become more and more serious about studying Spanish this year via different methods, and I was just thinking about this question: Is RW planning to market to the Spanish community (if you haven’t already…)? I’m specifically talking about people that don’t speak English–just Spanish only.

There are more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain, and marketing to this demographic might bring in more new customers…

That’s just a thought.

I know it would take having bilingual speakers, I just thought about it, and I figured I would ask.


I like the idea in concept, though I don’t know how well positioned Republic would be to execute such a strategy currently and it can be counterproductive for a company to overextend available resources.

If this is a direction Republic decides would be of mutual benefit for the future, I’d like to see them add some of BLU’s phones to the lineup. BLU’s products are reasonably popular in the latin market here in South Florida.


Yes, it might be too much for RW right now. It was just a thought.

Maybe RW could consider setting up a Spanish YouTube channel about RW, which I think would be cool to bring awareness about the brand even more, but the reality is that I’m not sure if support could handle requests about the brand in Spanish…Can a company market and Spanish, and give support in English? I don’t know if that is really feasible for a company. If it is, then that might potentially be a starting ground to getting the feet wet in that Spanish direction. However, I definitely wouldn’t want that to drain RW of its resources, so again, it might just be too much for RW.

I never even heard of BLU phones before. That would be cool if they could be used, too.


I don’t wish to drag your thread too far off topic, so I’ll just say I like BLU’s phones. Most are dual SIM and, therefore, popular with many in the latin community in South Florida as they travel to Central and South America. BLU is headquartered just outside of Miami.

There are MVNOs whose niche is one ethnic market or another. The Spanish speaking community is growing and a potentially attractive demographic for Republic and others. I don’t think it would be feasible to attempt to support folks whose primary language is Spanish in English. I also think this is a demographic more likely to be interested in international calling and/or service, which Republic currently does not offer.