Is RW planning to offer more competitive plans such as the ones offered by MINT SIM or now MINT FOX?


This is the page where you can see their plans.

I understand they use the same ISP as RW (T-Mobile and Sprint).

I have been a loyal customer to RW since 2013 however I am thinking in upgrading my service.


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Unless something’s recently changed Mint Mobile is exclusively T-Mobile.

Most of us participating are fellow Republic members (other customers) and not staff. I doubt staff (or anyone else) will reveal what potential future plans might look like.

As for the relative competitiveness of current Republic plans, that’s in the eye of the beholder. I will point out that to get Mint’s best pricing one must pay for a year in advance and know they don’t provide prorated refunds in the event one decides to cancel after (I believe) 7 days. For me, paying in advance amounts to a contract and that doesn’t interest me.


Enjoy, but:

Prices listed for 3-month plans are introductory prices only and only applies to the first 3 months of service. After that, pricing reverts to the regular listed price. New activation is required. Prices subject to change. On all Mint plans, data throughput may be limited to manage network performance. Mint service is subject to the Mint Terms and Conditions.

and I hope you don’t plan to do any domestic roaming.


lol. some good posts by others related to this are in this thread:


Mint also has a special promotional twelve month prepaid discounted plan at the same discounted rate for the three month prepaid discounted plan; basically one can get 5Gb of data for $25 per month for the duration of three month or also for twelve months; figure one could try for the three month prepaid discounted plan at $25 per month and then if one likes the service enough to continue then just sign up for the twelve month prepaid discounted plan; the 5Gb of data is not a bad data plan at all if one is looking to have quite a bit more data Mint is definitely worth a try to see exactly what kind of service they offer.


There is review of MINT done by a R.W. user here:

Biggest con about MINT, no Roaming at all!
So lots of areas with no service.
Also, paying for those long terms, with no way to get refunded should u want to leave or have issue.
Their customer service is outsourced and quite poor, based on the many reviews I have read elsewhere from users.
Their Community forums are virtually nonexistent in comparison to R.W.

If these cons are acceptable to you, then, feel free to give MINT a try.
Red Pocket is also another service I hear people chat about.


I read last month that Sprint and T-Mobile were merging. It is probably still in the process… You have a good point about the upfront payment. Something to think about. Thanks


They indeed have an agreement to do so, however, it may or may not happen. It’s not at all clear the necessary regulatory approvals will be granted.

You’re most welcome!


If RW would offer similar contracts, I would sign off without thinking too much since I have been very happy with their service. I am not a big consumer of data, however my phones are getting old and RW is not supporting new phones on the older plan.
Thanks for your comments


Thanks for your comments. Roaming is an issue… Is that something that you can control or it is automatic ? It affects cellular calls or mainly data plans?

Any comments on FreedomPop ?


Run. Run away. Unless you don’t feel the need to have reliable service, in which case they’re fantastic.


U can not control roaming. It is part of the partner carriers network.

U can compare the difference just by looking at and comparing the coverage maps.

R.W offers call and text roaming, but no data roaming.

MINT has zero roaming ability. So u will see “No Service” those areas, whereas on R.W, u will still be able to make and receive calls and texts.



Umm…they are MINT Mobile now.

Also, if i recall correctly, Freedom Pop is pure VoIP based. So no fall back to cellular.
Plenty of complaints about there convoluted pricing and steps u have to take to not get charged.


The 5GB plan is $20 per month, $25 gets you 10GB. Very attractive price that come along with prepaying for a year and not near the flexibility RW offers it’s members.

I’m finishing up a 6 month trail promotion they had last year and had done a 3 month a year earlier. I’ve have no service issues and would think seriously about a year of the 10GB of data per month if needed to be used regularly.



If u don’t travel in areas where there is no service…then sure.


Thats the big thing for me.
R.W flexible plan.

Those 6 month or yearly “contract” like deals…no guarantee that it will be the same price a year from now.
No grandfather in if prices do change.
Also, most very budget oriented folks can’t dump $300 in one shot.


R.W is already very competitive with their current pricing structure and features they currently offer. (why I switched to them vs Fi.)

As mentioned in other threads discussing unlimited or rollover data and other suggestions from community members, such things “break the model” that R.W has in place to offer data at $5 per 1GB. If they added on such things, or offered lower data amounts for less “to be more competitive”, it breaks the model and then everyone has to pay much more for data. That is a never ending battle. U give what some customers want, but that then upsets others. As seen with their evolution from the 1.0 to now 4.0 plans.

If a ultra low cost phone plan, with decent sized data amount is what ones primary concern, then there are certainly other options out there. The pros or cons of those others would be up to the individual to decide if they are acceptable or not for them, whether that be having to pay a lump sum all at once, or have no roaming or wifi calling etc.

For those on super low budget or fixed income, who don’t need many minutes, but do need unlimited texts and a 1-2gb of data, there are programs out there that, if you qualify, u can get a smartphone and monthly service “free”. Though, the quality of the phone itself and service those programs provide are most often rather poor and are locked to only one certain carrier or zip code, according to the reviews I have seen, as well as some personal experience.

We all wish to get more for less…and I, just like many others here, are all anxious to get the best deal on what exact plan works for us on an individual needs basis. But its so easy to get caught up in this whole discussion, seeing what other companies offer, and then coming to the company you are with and “suggesting” they do something differently.


I have been on RW since the Defy XT and I love the idea of it. When i joined we didn’t have cell service where I live. The Wi-Fi calling is fantastic and made my phone useful at home. About a year and a half ago Verizon turned on an antenna about a mile from my house so I have switched to total wireless at Wal-Mart because it’s $35\mo including 5gbs of data and if you need more you get another 5gbs for $10 that rolls over until you use it all up. The deal seems hard to beat. Still love RW and keep my Moto X on line. I am always watching their plans and when they offer something comparable I will use it full time again.


I’m curious, do you use the 5GB regularly? For the same $35, you could get 3 or 4GB on Republic (depending on if the Walmart plan includes taxes) and so if you’re using less than that you could be saving with Republic.


They give a break for auto pay, they actually extract less than $35.50 monthly including taxes. I do use most of the data. I was out of town at the first of the year and spent the $10 on the extra 5gbs. Looked today and still have 2.97gbs to use