Is RW right for me yet?


December of 2016 I changed my plan the RW after checking there coverage map. I had the special price on the Moto Z play and with pricing figured it would be the way to go. I need my phone for work and travel and my previous provider was Straight Talk, using the verizon network and I was happy but wanted a better phone. In less than a week of RW, I cancelled my service and took the new phone to AT&T and have been on their network ever since.

OK that was the history, here is what I have since discovered with providers in my rural area. Verizon coverage is over 95% good in my travel area. At&t is about 80% and TM and Sprint is 50% at best. I have been told that RW has new phones that supposedly roam better on different networks and so my coverage would be good. Is that true? At&t is just OK but I’m finding myself in the no coverage areas more and more and it is frustrating. TM and Sprint is not an option because of poor coverage.


Nope. Nothing has changed since you got your Moto Z. The new carrier was the carrier you got with your Moto Z. There have been only the incremental coverage improvements that the same carriers have made in the 8 months since you had service. The two carriers you mention as being bad in your area are the ones Republic works with.


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