Is tethering fast?

I’m considering getting rid of our T-Mobile Hotspot and using our phones to tether to our laptops at home. We have no DSL service where we live, so our phones would be our sole means of connecting to the internet. Is this going to be a disappointment to us? The T-Mobile is 3G and not very impressive.

Hi @joshuag.6jdkic,

Your Moto G3 would connect at 4G LTE (presuming availability in your area) rather than 3G speeds, so if your TMO hotspot is a 3G device, the experience may improve.

That said, tethering has the potential to use large amounts of cell data and Republic is most attractively priced for those who use relatively small amounts of cell data. Whether tethering your Republic phone would be a cost-effective solution is questionable. More here: Tethering.

Thanks @rolandh.

My hotspot costs $30 per month for 3 GB. So it is not cheap.

Hi @joshuag.6jdkic,

You’re most welcome!

As a point of information, 3 GB of cell data using Republic’s refund plans (required to tether your Moto G3) is $55/month albeit with a refund for any unused cell data. More on Republic’s refund plans here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund.

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