Is the $5 WiFi-Only plan available on new phones


I currently have a first generation Moto G and I’m interested in upgrading, perhaps to the Moto G4 Plus. Can I still use the $5 WiFi-Only plan on that new phone? It doesn’t seem to be one of the drop-down menu options on the Phones Page.


3.0 plans do not include a WiFi only option

base plan is $15 (Cell Voice and Text with only WiFi data)

3.0 bonds the Republic number with the underlying GSM number so a WiFi only option is not there


Hmmmmm. Ok. So let me ask you a question:

I spend most of my time in Europe and I make my calls exclusively over WiFi (obviously). Would I still be able to do that with a 3.0 plan?

Many thanks.


as long as you keep the Republic SIM in the phone you can still make WiFi calls and text to US numbers on Open WiFi connection,


Awesome, thanks for your help.


your welcome


“Moto G4 … Can I still use the $5 WiFi-Only plan …?”

Not on a RW 3.0 plan. But you can always do a $0 WiFi-Only plan with Google Voice. I’ve been using my Moto G4 continuously since June 12 with no cell plan at all. I can take and make calls on Google Voice at no charge as long as I have Wifi.