Is the Galaxy S10e (unlocked) supported at launch (March 8th)?

Is the Galaxy S10e (unlocked) supported at launch (March 8th), or do we have to wait for Republic Wireless to create support for it?


Hi @reubena.fqvven,

There’s no guarantee it will be supported at launch, however, Republic does intend to support the S10. More here: Samsung Galaxy S10 support.

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Great thanks. Need it for a trip a couple weeks after. I’ll give it a few days before buying. S7 broken. Might have to do pixel 3 even though 4 is out later this year.

Hi @reubena.fqvven,

Did you see our announcement about the S10e? It is supported, and we’re selling it in our online store.

I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to get an answer to you before launch date!

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