Is the Grandstream Web GUI locked down?

A question for @seanr; is the Grandstream Web GUI locked down?

Maybe. I have it plugged in and grabbed the IP from my router. It presents with a username and password. Is there a default password for Grandstream for the admin user?

I can get to it and the default Grandstream passwords don’t work (Grandstream uses admin/admin) on their retail devices.

Correct, the known default Grandstream admin password doesn’t work, hence the question for Sean. Grandstream devices are known in the VoIP community for supporting pulse dialing but, typically, one must enable it via the web GUI.

The HT801’s docs suggest it does indeed support pulse dialing. If that’s enabled or could be enabled, in theory, one could go really old school and hook up a rotary phone to their Republic service.

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I may have to stop by my local Goodwill just to look for a rotary phone.

This is why I asked in another thread about “factory” resetting the ATA. Would hate to wipe out any pre-sets that RW may have made. Suspect reset won’t do that but would be good to get confirmation before trying a “factor” reset.

I’m reasonably certain, Republic is using a configuration file downloaded to the ATA during configuration via the Extend Home app. A factory reset would require such a configuration file to be downloaded again but I don’t believe Republic is customizing Grandstream’s firmware.

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@rolandh - suspect you are correct. Don’t think ATA would have old tech flash type ROM for setting retention locally when d/l config file is easy and provides quick way to reconfigure items when necessary. It’s also in RW’s best interest to do as little handling and configuring of ATA before shipping. Hope to try a factory reset later today!

Yes the web GUI is completely locked down. We lock it down so the configuration setting stay pristine otherwise support would be impossible.

Our server provides the config files so if it’s factory set or anything like that it goes back to the proper config. We have two basic configs one for when the device is not associated with a line and the other specific to the extended line.

There is no reason to log into the device the instructions do not call for that.

We do absolutely no pre-configuration of the device before the shipping it is completely touchless.

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From a support perspective I understand perfectly. I also understand that the question I’m asking is outside the parameters of this beta test. That, however, won’t stop me from asking. :smiling_imp:

Do you know if the HT801’s apparent ability to support pulse dialing is enabled in Republic’s configuration since one can’t get to the Web GUI to enable it. While hardly a need, it would be really cool to plug in a rotary phone for laughs and giggles.

Does this mean one might purchase an off-the-shelf HT801 from a third party retailer and the beta app and eventually the portal will load the Republic configuration file? Or, are the MAC addresses whitelisted?

The device is hardcored in the manufactures servers to us. Had to be done this way if we wanted touchless activation

Hi @rolandh,

I’m using two older handsets that can be switched to pulse dialing and calls do not complete on that setting.

It certainly looks like the ATA configuration is locked down for only tone dialing. Also tried switching my handset to pulse dialing and call did not complete. Not a big problem for us, because other than the one handset we have that can be set to pulse, all other analog devices we have are tone only. I know many devices can be set to either pulse or tone. So maybe the installation guide needs to tell users to make sure analog device connected to ATA must have tone dialing capability (if it can be set to pulse or tone).

I would think any such devices would be pretty old by now. I suppose Republic members being frugal by nature might be more inclined to hang onto older devices long after others would do so.

My opinion is this would be overkill. I doubt many folks still using equipment with this capability have them set to use pulse dialing. I raised the possibility of attaching a rotary phone merely as something that might be fun to try not because I believe there’s any practical value in doing so.

If someone really wanted to do so, there are dedicated devices for that as well:


Was just thinking about Murphy raising his ugly head. You are correct, there is a point of diminishing returns between providing enough info to get the job done vs making instructions appear more complicated than they really are. Maybe something for a FAQ or troubleshooting guide in production unit (if they get there).

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