Is the Moto E still compatible?

II see that RW is no longer selling selling the Moto E. Is that because it’s no longer compatible with RW’s plans, or is it because it’s from last year?
I like that phone because of how it fits in my small hands.

I’m on the 2.0 plan.

The Moto E that is compatible with the 2.0 plan hasn’t been made for years (that was the Moto E2, which came out 6 years ago). The newest Moto E, which is available on Moto’s site, works only on the new My Choice plan, and is a lot bigger than the one you’re used to (6.2 in. display vs. your 4.5 in.) If you could find a used Moto E2 that still works, it would be compatible with the 2.0 plan, but that would probably be difficult.

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The reason I’m looking for a new phone is because my Moto G 3rd gen is painfully slow. I was informed by RW that the cause was because it’s so old. I’d have the same issues with Moto E2 (which I might’ve owned, at one time.)

Here’s a chart where you can see screen sizes, etc., of RW compatible phones. Unfortunately for some, most manufacturers are making very large phones because that’s what most people want.

I just had to get a new phone because all mine were old and failing, and the last one that went bad, a Moto G5+ was too old and slow for me. My new phone has a 6.8" display. I’m guessing you wouldn’t like that!

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Wow. It’s not looking good for me. My right hand measures barely 6 inches from wrist to the end of my middle finger.

The Moto G 3 Gen rests comfortably in the palm of my hand. I’m able to perform some actions with my thumb. If I get an older, smaller phone, the risk is the phone won’t perform as well, or it won’t be long until it underperforms.

In phone years the Moto G3 is approaching 100 years old and it was a mid-range phone to start with when new, so it’s entirely expected that it would be painful to use by now.

For a new phone the Pixel 4a may be your best bet, this would require you to leave your 2.0 plan though. You may find that despite the larger screens some phones retain a similar size due to shrinking bezels.

According to the tech page for the G3 it is:
Height: 142.1mm
Width: 72.4mm
Depth: 11.6mm (thickest point)
Weight: 155g

The Pixel 4a is:
Height: 144 mm
Width: 69.4 mm
Depth: 8.2 mm
Weight: 162 g

They (on paper) appear to be very similar in size.


Wow. Thanks so much! I think that’s the way to go for me, though it is a bit above my budget. I might order one of the other phones just to see if I can handle a larger phone. The most I ever paid for a phone (all Motos) was about $150. Plus, I’ll have to give up my 2.0 plan. :sob:

A second hand Pixel 3/4 may be a good option as well. I think most of the cheaper phones have larger bodies for battery life. (You might find the increased battery life a good tradeoff for the larger size.) I rocked a refurbished Pixel 1 for awhile and it was a great phone.

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Thanks for your advice!

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