Is the Moto G7 Play "International Version" compatible?

The Moto G7 Play that Republic sells is model XT1952-4, which is also what the BYOP compatibility page says RW supports (which it calls the “North America” version).

I have found a few other editions (“US & Global 4G LTE International Model” XT1952-1 and “International Model” XT1952-2) which would seem to be identical except for their label/branding. However, RW specifies only one version (XT1952-4) as functional.

Will the “international” editions of the phone work with Republic Wireless, allowing me to save even more money over the regular G7 Play? Or is there some actual difference that makes them incompatible? I hope it’s not something as petty as DVD region codes or something, but I don’t know what magic keywords to search for on the product listings. Their descriptions say they are compatible with “most” and “all” GSM carriers, which should cover RW, right?

No. International models are not supported on RW.
Only the exact models listed in the Compatible phones list will work.
International model often do not support the full range of LTE band that the USA uses, among other software and hardware differences that make them incompatible with RW.

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Hi @lorena,

I’d also point out in many instances international variants sell for less because they lack U.S. warranties from the manufacturer. If the phone were to prove defective, one would effectively not have warranty coverage.


Republic is different than most GSM Carriers as Republic is a WiFi 1st VOIP with cell backup, and Republic numbers are not hosted by a GSM carrier but to Republic former parent company (Bandwidth) and are VOIP numbers.

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Here are a couple things to notice about the phone at the link you provided:

“International Model Compatible with Most GSM Carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc. Will NOT work with CDMA Carriers Such as Verizon, Sprint, Boost. No Warranty in US.”

The Moto G7 Play that does work with Republic Wireless does work on Sprint using CDMA and comes with a US warranty.

Allowing international variants such as this one would make support even harder. Republic would have to figure out if the phone is will even support CDMA or not.

If there is a hardware problem, the member has no warranty and Republic would not be able to help them get the phone fixed.

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You may find this useful

Thanks everyone who answered! Although I don’t know all the factors involved, I feel like I understand the situation better. I’ll be sure to stick to officially-supported phones.

Now, if only there were an easier way to shop based on physical dimensions…

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Hi @lorena,

The table here may help:

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Hey, that’s quite a nice collection! Even without an approximate price on there, that’s a very handy list. I wonder how I didn’t find that before.

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Hi @lorena - here’s a document with information about a Comparison of Currently Offered Phones. It’s not as extensive as the list @rolandh supplied but it does have prices for what RW currently offers.

Between the two lists there is a lot of good information. Hope it helps!

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That list has the prices, but not the dimensions. It has the diagonal screen size, but that’s not the same as the phone’s size. It is at least a handy starting point, though.

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