Is the moto x1 still covered?

Want to give my original Moto X to brother-in-law. Is it covered?

Hi @russmand,

Yes, at this time, Republic continues to support the Moto X1 on its’ grandfathered refund plans.


Wow! Terrific! Thanks.

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I’d like to be the voice of caution on this. This should not be a long-term plan. It is likely that before the end of the year Republic will have to announce when those phones will stop working as unless something changes the network that supports them is going to cease to exist early next year.


I am using a Moto X1 on a refund plan and I’d be interested on more information about this.

I’m sure when Republic has more information about how they’ll handle it, they’ll share it. If you’re referring to the network then the issue is that T-Mobile is shutting down the CDMA network (that was historically Sprint’s). Lots of articles out there about that. Here’s one: T-Mobile pushes through with January 1 CDMA shutdown date | Wirefly

Thank you very much. Looks like I’ll be buying a new phone then! Sad to lose my refund plan but c’est la vie.

Hi @gencydefen,

There’s no need to rush. While I don’t expect refund plans to be reintroduced, there may be more plan options coming also:

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