Is the Moto Z Play 2 Coming to Republic?

Does anybody know if Republic is going to get this phone? It looks like it will only be Verizon (which sucks) but you never know…

Thanks :smiley:

Republic will not talk about what phones may or may not be coming to Republic
Republic will not say one way or another until they they are ready to make it official that it will work

the Moto Z Play is a Verizon exclusive till later summer early fall
once that is up I would expect Republic to let one bring the North American factory unlock version and that they will sell it (but only time will tell)


Is the Moto Z play now in the phone list a 2?
MODEL NUMBER XT1635-02 in specs.

Model XT1635-02 is the North American factory unlocked variant of the original Moto Z Play. The Z2 Play is not yet supported by Republic.

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no the Moto Z2 Play model number will start with XT17 (this is the MY of the Phone the XT16 is the Moto Z Play 1st Gen

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