Is the new Motorola G100 compatible with RW?

The Moto G100 was just release in the US. If it is not compatible with RW, then I will continue looking at other potential phone updates. If it might be compatible with RW, I can wait until after the RW testing process determines functionality status. The published comparisons and reviews imply that this may be a quality phone with a reasonable price.

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The Moto G100 is not currently compatible with Republic service. While that might or might not change, there is no way to know when Republic might choose to add it to its’ roster of compatible phones. If/when Republic were to do so, it would be announced in Community here: Announcements & News - Member Community.

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My question is based on the list of RW compatible phones that continue to have vendor support. My listed Moto G5+ is compatible with RW but is not supported by Motorola and the Android OS is out of date. This lack of support exists for many phones listed in the BYOP program. Purchasing an out of support phone as an upgrade may not be wise. The industry standard of software and security updates appears to based on product release dates. I was attempting to determine is RW will consider the Moto G100. That status is not on any list that I am aware of.

Hi @ralphk.otei9i,

You are correct about manufacturers ending support for older phones in terms of software and security updates after a period of time. Each manufacturer decides how long that period of time is and, often, that period of time varies depending upon the phone model. Generally, the more expensive the phone, the longer one receives manufacturer support.

That’s different from whether Republic supports a particular phone for service on its’ network. As of today, Republic has ended support for service for precisely one phone, that being its’ original beta phone the LG Optimus.

While Republic supports many but not all Motorola phones for service on its’ network, no one here can say whether or not Republic might or might not be considering support of the Moto G100. Historically, Republic doesn’t pre-announce potential future support.

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If your interest is a phone that will continue to receive updates you should steer clear of Motorola and get a Google Pixel instead. They come with three years of updates (generally two major OS updates and an additional year of monthly security updates) and there are strong rumors that the next Pixel flagship (Pixel 6) will come with 5 years of updates. With Moto, you’re luck to get 1 major update.


I have looked at Pixel and I will look again because I think there is potential. One of many issues that is significant to me is the following quote from the web.

“Motorola only offers one storage variant of the Moto G100 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage. It’s priced at $599.99 in the US, but for a limited period, the phone will be offered at a promotional price of $499.99.”

I cant purchase the G100 phone at any price because it is not certified for use at RW.

This phone is not exciting to me, not at this price point. From talkandroid: “One thing to note is that it’s only compatible with 5G on T-Mobile with AT&T users being limited to 4G/LTE. For the moment at least, Verizon isn’t supported at all, which is also disappointing.” That’s REALLY limiting. Lousy coverage with T-Mobile and you’re stuck with a $500/$600 phone that won’t do 5G on AT&T and can’t be moved to Verizon. No thank you.

For the same $500 you can get the Pixel 4A 5G that is compatible with all networks, comes with 3 years of updates and has vastly superior camera capabilities. While the processor on the G100 is newer it is unlikely that in every day usage this would be noticeable (unless you’re gaming). It still has 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM which in my experience is sufficient for normal day-to-day usage.

The service limitations you mentioned are NOT in all reviews. Many reviewers are focused on camera specifications. I am aware that the G100 is a GSM only device but to NOT support 5G on AT&T is significant. I have read this information in some recent reviews as a BTW or footnote. I cannot foresee the G100 on any RW approved phone list.
THANK YOU for your insight.

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