Is the Samsung 7 Edge capable of having the Sprint as a backup

Is the Samsung 7 Edge capable of having the sprint as a backup? We live in an area that has only a Sprint tower with no one else on it. We have no wi-fi coverage there.

For now, Republic Wireless automatically selects CDMA partner if you are an existing customer AND you order the phone from RW. If you bring your own phone you will only get GSM partner. See here for details

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

last I heard the Galaxy S7’s where not yet having the CDMA option in the soft launch

From @southpaw@rw

We are not currently able to offer the S7 for CDMA activation.


I stand corrected

amazing how something can change in just 6 days

Hi @sue@2012-fm. ,

As of today our online store is able to select either carrier, depending on our analysis of your coverage, for both the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge.

Our SIM card for those phones bought elsewhere, even second-hand phones originally bought from us, is not compatible with Sprint.

(Thank you @drm186 for the ping, I would have missed this. (Pinging back to make sure you see it.))

Edited to try to provide clarity that there is no carrier-selection process for the member to deal with in the online store.

Sorry for taking this thread off topic.

Please clarify this post, Southpaw, as this seems like a big thing, unless I am reading it incorrectly.

Are you saying the S7 is now sold with a choice of either carrier? I purchased the S7 from RW on day 1 of the 3.0 release. Am I locked in on the GSM carrier only with my current S7? Would buying another S7 let me get the CDMA carrier?

I just went through the shop and started down the path of purchasing another S7 and I did not see anything about picking a GSM or CDMA carrier.

EDIT - or can I order another SIM that is CDMA-specific and toss the GSM one?

Hi @jeffm.n2eewc,

There is no option in the store for anyone to select the underlying carrier. Our system evaluates each purchase with the intent of providing the optimal coverage. In order to avoid derailing this particular thread, please see this thread: Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update for details.

I’ll DM you about your specifics.

Edit - to answer your edit (Note, edits don’t re-notify, so they may not catch the attention of the person you are conversing with!)

We are not currently able to support CDMA activations except at the time of purchase for phones specifically ordered from our store.


You sure had me going with this:

“As of today we are able to offer the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge from our online store for compatibility with either one of our partner carriers. (This does not mean dual carrier.)”

I went right to the store and tried to order the CDMA version. Maybe you want to expand on that a bit, explaining that depending on whether one is a new customer or a returning customer they might or might not get a CDMA or GSM phone and how they can figure out which version they got after the phone arrives.

Hi @billg ,

I think I’ve explained it fairly thoroughly in the other thread I referenced. Let’s please keep that conversation in one place.

I’ve edited my earlier reply, since it was found to be misleading.

Sorry, I’ve read the other thread but this was a new statement and I took it at face value. In doing so, I presumed the information in the other thread was superseded by this.

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