Is the Samsung s7 Active Supported?


I know that the Samsung s7 Active is an ATT exclusive phone. But if an unlock code is used, making the phone unlocked, can it be used with Republic Wireless? I don’t see why not since it is basically an s7 and it is unlocked.

If it is’t supported currently, could it be in the future?


I’m sorry these are the only phones currently supported:

What phones will be supported in the future is anyone’s guess. RW keeps that information to themselves until they make an official announcement in the Community or on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can request that they add your phone to their approved line up here:

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Hi @kennyg,

We typically don’t support carrier-specific builds because they often include non-standard implementations of basic functions like calling and texting that break our model.

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To add: Carrier builds also are updated separately and we have little to no ability to get manufacturers to fix issues that break our service when it is a carrier build.

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