Is there 411 access?

Can I access 411 for info?

There is not.

There are plenty of modern alternatives, like apps that do the same thing, not to mention Google.
Since smartphones came around, you can just ask the Google Assistant for a number or location info, and it displays it. However, that does require a data connection, so you will need to have mobile data or wifi avialable to use these alternatives. If you are out of data, or in a roaming area with no mobile data access,and you need to look up something, find a store or place that has open wifi.

Not 411 related but 511 (and a service from the community of users at Republic Wireless)

This is just one of the many user provided Tip & Tricks that have been written by and for the community

I have never heard of 711.
I do know of 511, used to use that number, before my state made an app.

711 is for hearing impaired


Thanks. I was wanting to know if a number I called & continually got a busy signal was a good number or what? Thanks to all the replies.

Thanks. All I needed to know

Hi @johnr.cdb2rg,

For what it’s worth, Republic doesn’t make 411 avaialble because it’a a premium service with a charge every-time it’s used. Republic has no way to pass that cost to its customers and, therefore, doesn’t offer it.


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