Is there a Deleted Bin for the Gallery?


My wife somehow hit a button in the Gallery on her Moto E 2nd Gen phone and deleted all the photos in one fell swoop. I use an iPhone (work issued) and don’t know here phone well, but on my iPhone, deleted photos go to a “Deleted Bin” first list a desktop computer, so they aren’t really gone yet. I can’t find a “deleted” folder on her phone to recover her photos from. Any tips? Or are they gone, gone, gone ???


Do you see the images in the Photos app by chance?


Unfortunately Android does not have a trash bin.

If she kept the photos on an SD card it’s possible to recover most if not all. You would need a computer with a card reader or use a card reader adaptor, and purchase recovery software. I recently had to do this myself and did recover some of my photos. My situation was a little different, my SD card malfunctioned, so a lot of my photos were corrupted.

If the photos were on the phone itself then it’s more expensive to recover the photos. Again a computer would be required and recovery software specifically for Android phones.

You may find this article useful:


Hi @shawng.gcqhil

Is your wife’s phone sync’ed to a Google account? If so, using a computer with a browser, login to that same account and go to this link:

Do you see here pictures there?


No SD card, and no sync to a Google Photos account. :-(… Thanks for all the tips anyways. Good lesson learned for her. She’s pretty computer/tech illiterate - this was her first mobile phone. Nothing too important on there. Thank you!


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