Is there a new Anywhere update for Windows 10?

On my Windows 10 home computer, the Anywhere app is not opening and showing all my text messages. Is there an update or a new app to use?

Hi @williamg.tdqdsh,

No, there are no more updates for Anywhere I’m afraid. :disappointed:

Is Anywhere not opening on your PC at all?
Or it opens but you don’t see any prior messages? :thinking:

It will open to a blank Anywhere and then it will close itself. I tried to open and send replies to a new text message but then it will say it encountered an error and closes.

As an alternative, if you are using the Messages app from Google as your text program on your phone, you can use
and pair your phone with it and get native support for texting from your computer


You might try going to the help menu on Anywhere and reset the local content.

If that fails try uninstalling and reinstalling Anywhere.

If Anywhere still fails it would be time, as @MallocArray suggests to move on to another app.

Thanks to all, I am now using the MS “Your Phone” app for the text messages on my PC. This will also let me respond to all texts that I now get while sitting at my PC.

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Just want to chime in that Republic Anywhere on my macbook 16 running High Sierra is not receiving any new text messages anymore, either.

My copy of Republic Anywhere has been working well on my Windows 10 PC - mostly. But there are occasional blips when some Contacts lose sync, or similar “Internet” issues show up. Then again, I often see incoming SMS on my computer well before on my phone. I wish Republic Wireless would resume support for Anywhere. My wish.

I’m thankfully not having any problems with Republic Anywhere on my Windows 10 computer. It’s so convenient being able to type messages on my keyboard instead of trying to peck around on the phone. In fact, Anywhere isn’t even installed on my phone. I have Google Messages on that.

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