Is there a new workaround for Twitter for RW customers

I see that Twitter doesn’t do VoiP. During this Covid19, I’ve been much more active on Twitter and was flagged for the authentication that requires a phone number. Unfortunately, my work cell blocks Twitter, my home phone won’t work, the Google Phone didn’t work, and I simply have no access to any other phone that isn’t VoIP.

I tried good phone forward to multiple lines without luck.

Does anyone have a workaround with Twitter?


Hi @ntdavis,

The only VoIP based workaround known to work in the past is indeed Google Voice. Other than that, Twitter requires a number on one of the big 4 mobile networks (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon).


I reactivated my Twitter account a few days ago using my Google Voice number as well. Everything is back to normal so far. :+1:

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