Is there a particular hotspot that I should download in order to use my laptop?

I really need to be able to connect to the internet from my laptop, while I’m away from WiFi, when I’m at work…
Apparently other carriers have their own hotspot programs; from what I can tell, Republic doesn’t have that option. I’ve tried using a couple different VPN/Hotspot apps, but they don’t act nearly like I’m used to a hotspot working. I had an old work phone, with another company, that came with a hotspot (through AT&T), and it worked perfectly every time. Is there a best way for me to be able to connect my laptop to the internet, using my phone, when I’m in a location where I don’t have WiFi? Is there a particular carrier who’s hotspot works best with Republic? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @joshuap.mu5ckm

Republic Wireless does include Hotspot capability on most phones and plans. You can see which phones can do this and how to set it up in the instructions at the following link:

How to Enable Mobile Hotspot – Republic Help


If your laptop runs Windows 10, you can change the WiFi settings in Windows to a metered W-iFi connection. This will reduce the chances of a Windows update being donwloaded while on the hotspot WiFi and unnecessarily wasting your cellular data on the hotspot.


Thanks, Johnny! This gave me all I need to know; having a hotspot now will be so helpful… I really appreciate it!


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