Is there a particular reason my 16GB Ascend 5W's show only 8GB internal storage?

I’m obviously missing something…right?

(attached photo of one and video of both, sorry for audio in video, kids are watching Aladdin):

The rest of the space is consumed by the Android operating system.

only a educated guess that the EMUI version of Android takes up a lot of space (around 7.45 GB vs the around 4 GB the near pure Android does ) though some of this may be the difference between decimal GB and a binary GB (GiB which is what the storage was listed as )

If the space is consumed by the operating system, should the file manager display something along the lines of:


not by most OEMs my 32 GB Moto X 2nd get show 24.8 total space (OS and preinstalled apps take up the other 7.19 GB)

they have always advertiser the complete size of the internal (total usable space+ ROM ) this has been standard for all consumer electronics (computers do this also)

Oh pigs, man, I never knew that. Double checked on our old Moto X (1st gen) and both only show total space of 11.88 GB, so you guys are spot on. (They are 16 GB as well)

Thanks for clarifying!

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