Is there a search function in Anywhere yet?


I need to search old texts for a word phrase. Is there a search function available yet? I see this question has been asked before.
Thank you.


Hi @dans.k4u24g,

There’s no search function on Anywhere.

However, the text messages are not stored in the texting app. They are stored in a database on the phone that your text messaging app reads. So you could install another text messaging app like the Messages app by Google, and use it to search your text messages on the phone.

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Great, thank you! Then once I find what I need, just delete the Messages app?

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Depending on the phone, Messages might be pre-installed, and if so, it won’t be able to be uninstalled, but it could be disabled.
If it’s not pre-installed, then yes, you could simply uninstall it when you’re done. If, in the process of searching your text messages, you accidentally set it as the default messaging app, you’ll have to set Anywhere back as the default messaging app, but it will prompt you to do that the first time you open it.

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I’m already finished and set Anywhere back to my default. You have been SO helpful. Thanks, I really appreciate you saving me a ton of time.

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You’re quite welcome! Thanks for asking your question in our Member Community!

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