Is there a slight delay between sending and receiving a phone conversation category

I ask because I frequently ask or say something on a Moto G phone, wait a short but perceptible period of time for a reply, then begin conversing again when I’ve received no response, which seems to ALWAYS trigger my hoped-for response. Is this my imagination or real? TIA.

  • Is this on Cell, WiFi or both?

    • A good way to determine delay cause by WiFi is to call and talk to someone in the same location (where you hear them both in person and over the phone)
  • To test call WiFi only, set phone into Airplane mode, then turn on WiFi

  • To test call Cell only, turn off WiFi

Hi jben,

I already planned on following your Plan A. B and C I’d never thought
of, but I can try both right now from the comfort of my home.

As we here in the Desert Southwest are wont to say, “Gracias”.

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