Is there a waiting period before I can switch to a different carrier


I’m looking to buy the Moto E4 w 1GB (20$/m) data plan. Looks like a great deal w free 2d shipping.

  1. I’ve read here the phone is unlocked, but it’s cheaper here by $30 than the retail unlocked version sold elsewhere. So is there any catch? Can I switch to a different carrier, say, Mint Sim? Is there a waiting period, or cancellation fees, before I can switch to a different carrier?
  2. Is there a waiting period/fees to downgrade to the 0GB ($15/m) plan, or upgrade to the 2GB plan; looks like not, but please correct me if wrong.
  3. Can I connect to a wifi access point and browse, and turn off the wireless so it does not eat up the 1GB data limit? Looks like I can, but just wanted to be sure.
  4. Is there a reactivation charge if I cancel the plan, say for a couple of months, but need it again, or do I need to buy a new plan? The reason being I’m going to use a wifi access point, so don’t need wireless access most of the times.

Will appreciate if somebody could answer as I need a phone by this wkend. And sorry for all the questions (first time).

Thanks in advance!


I’m sure you’ll get an official answer, but to my knowledge:

  1. You can buy the phone without ever activating a plan. There is no waiting period or cancellation fees. You will have to check with your other carrier if the phone is compatible.
  2. There is no fee to upgrade/downgrade the plans.
  3. When you’re on WiFi, it won’t use data and affect your data limit. You can also use the phone on wireless with no active data plan. My daughter uses an old Republic phone on wireless without cell service. I’m not sure I quite understand your question though.
  4. There is no re-activation charge to the best of my knowledge.

Good answer above: When considering any BYOD/BYOP purchase always check the Republic doc. The following Moto E’s are supported: Moto E4 (XT1768) Moto E4 Plus (XT1775)


Thank you, theresar. Re 3., that is how I was thinking of using it.
Re. 4, just confirmed that once you cancel a plan, you have to buy a new sim card.
Looks good, I’m buying (wont switch necessarily).


a deactivated SIM is good for 20 days after deactivation

the only charge when upgrading to a higher data tier is the difference between you current data tier and the new data tier (this is because Republic is a prepay service) (and this can happen any time)
when downgrading to a lower data tier the downgrade will no take place until your next billing date

when on WiFi the phone should not use Cell Data, but to be sure one can always turn on airplane mode and re-enable the WiFi, or turn off cell data in the Republic app


No official answer needed when the Community does such a great job of responding. :southpawpoms:

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Thanks. I was hoping there was a way to explicitly turn off the wireless and only use wifi.


Got the phone today; that was fast. However, it says here that the phone does not work, until it is activated using the sim card and download the “republic app”. I was planning to only connect to wifi for now, and not use the sim card until I need it couple of months later. But looks like that is no go. The plan needs to be active before I can use the phone. This is contrary to what I heard from customer service and also here. :frowning:


Hi @vwf70,

The phone won’t work as a phone until those things are done. It will work as a small WiFi tablet now and may be activated as a phone later with Republic or another service provider willing to do so.


Hi @vwf70,

I don’t see that you asked anyone here in Community about using the phone without a SIM card. Apparently we are not understanding what exactly it is you’re trying to do. When you say “use the phone” what kinds of tasks to you want to use it for? Why is not activating the SIM card very important to you?


I’m sorry, it needs to be unplugged before it can be turned on. I’m able to connect to wifi without inserting the sim, thanks to customer service support.

Here’s what I want to do: I have access to wifi right now, so I just need to connect to it and browse. I dont want to activate the plan until I need it later (1-2 months later) when I wont be having access to wifi or intermittent access (at a different place(s)). I also might need to switch to a different carrier to save costs or better connectivity if/when that happens (later) ; from what I’ve read some carriers have signal issues in buildings.


The way you are describing it, it all sounds completely do-able. If there’s something specific that’s not working, please let us know.

Have you been able to connect the phone to your Wi-Fi network?


yes, I was able to connect to wifi. Thank you.

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