Is there a way to allow only a specific app to use cell data?


There is only 1 app. I would like to be able to transfer data over the cell phone network. Is this possible and how would I implement it?


I believe you can only do this if you are using a phone under the Republic Wireless 2.0 (refund) price plan. In the Republic Wireless app, if you go into Cell Data, then tap on the bar at the bottom a list of apps will show up with a toggle to turn data on or off for each individual app.



Seeing you have the E2 the settings in the RW app can shut off data but don’t shut off the data that are for apps running the telephone or the RW apps (Telephony and the RW app)

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Under the RW app there are a few apps such as Google Play Services that are locked as always enabled.

If you are on RW 3.0, you can use a 3rd party firewall such as mobiwol for app by app control of data over cell or WIFi.



The OP has a E2 on the 2.0 refund plans I presume.

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