Is there a way to back up my phone? (Moto X first gen.)


Is there a way to back up the whole phone? It occurred to me that I wrote many notes on my Notes app, but it is not backed up to the Cloud the way the Mac notepad app is… So if I lost the phone it’ll all be gone.

Thank you for any suggestions!



Hi @carold.au136w!

Android does a good job at automatically syncing data (like your calendar, contacts, etc.) and backing up your phone. It backs up some app data, but it depends on the app. Which notes app are you using?

On another note (no pun intended :wink: ), I would definitely recommend using Google Keep in the future. It is automatically synced to your Google Account and you can access it from virtually any device even with the app not installed.



Thank you

I really appreciate the suggestion of using the Keep app, it is great!
Reassuring to know that important notes will be in my Google account if my
phone is lost broken etc… thank you!!!

If my phone really gets lost, what are the steps I would take to get
another one/deactivate the lost one?

Or should I start a new ticket with this new question?

Thank you,

Carol deNeufville


Hello @carold.au136w!

Glad to hear you are enjoying Keep! It’s an excellent notes app!

If your phone ever gets lost, here are the steps I would recommend you taking: first, I would recommend trying to locate your device using Find My Device. From there, you can locate, lock, erase, and ring your lost phone. If that fails, I would recommend opening a support ticket and having them blacklist the IMEI so it can’t be reactivated. Once all that is done and you have a new phone, all you have to do is sign into the Republic app on your new phone, follow the prompts in the Republic app, and choose the option to “Move (XXX)-XXX-XXXX [your number] to this phone.” That will move your number over and deactivate the lost/stolen phone. It’s important to note that if you cancel your old line before activating your replacement phone, you will lose your phone number and there are no guarantees that it could be recovered.

I hope that answers your questions!



Wow, thank you so much!!!



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