Is there a way to block all calls to my RW number, and only receive calls to my Google voice number?

I almost never get spam calls over google voice, but they’re constant to my RW number. When I’m at my computer I know which one is ringing because GV rings to my computer as well. I don’t really use the RW number except for forwarding it to GV.

When someone calls your GV number do you want it to ring your cell phone at all? If so then it has to be able to call your cell phone (RW) number so you would need to be able to accept calls from any number to the RW number. You might not use your RW number but GV may.

Yes, but when I am at my computer, I know when it is a google voice call because I am signed into hangouts. If the computer knows that, the phone can know that, at least when it has data of some sort. It is technically possible, I’m just trying to figure out if anyone has actually done it.

Hi @hudnix,

With the disclaimer I’ve not actually tried it, theoretically, what you propose is possible. You could use your phone’s do not disturb option to block all calls or calls coming from numbers other than your contacts (effectively creating a whitelist).

On the GV side, you’d want to be certain calls to your GV number aren’t being forwarded to your Republic number. Then, you’d use either the Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer apps on your phone or the new Google Voice app’s option to “prefer WiFi and cell data” rather than using your carrier (Republic).


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