Is there a way to find out if a call is on my number or the underlying 3.0 number?

I am getting a lot of spam calls lately. Is there a way to find out if it is on my number or the underlying 3.0 number?

I know we used to be able to ask for a change in the underlying number. Is that still possible? Should I just do that instead or try to figure out which number they are coming in on?

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Hi @sflesch!

You could try to answer one of the calls and ask (if it’s not a robocall) what number they are calling. It’s usually a good clue if they have the wrong name. You can absolutely ask to get it changed! Just open a help ticket at Republic Help. I would also recommend adding both the underlying number and the main number to the Do Not Call Registry (National Do Not Call Registry). It takes about a month or more, but that usually will help at least a little. Hope that helps!


I am on the 2.0 plan and have the same issue. About 10 calls per day. I know any illegitimate call when it says “incoming call via cell,” while connected to Wifi. The companies calling are not concerned with do not call lists, I have registered both, my number and the shadow, in my case Sprint, number If you ask what company is calling they will hangup on you. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons for the new “No class action lawsuit clause” in the terms of service. With 3.0 plans, this is much more complex problem; with BYOD, the software required is far removed from the underlying hardware and MAY(I do not have one of these devices) not have access to the source of the call.

I “almost” feel bad for the technicians that I sent to Wrigley Field to install my free alarm system. After the third time, I bet the company stopped using the telemarketing service for leads.

Getting the number changed does not help with telemarketers… My wife and daughter receive the same calls within minutes of mine.(Both are also on the Do Not Call Registry for both numbers)

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That’s unfortunate. You could install a call blocker app and block the number(s). Besides that, there is really not much you can do besides asking/threatening them to stop.

They pick a source random number every time. The last one from today was 910-528-XXXX, same exchange as my sprint number. I have stopped answering my phone except for known numbers. This would be an untenable situation if this were still my business phone. I have called some of the local numbers back, they have no knowledge of the call placed in their number. Threatening them to stop only leads to hangups.Any time I inform them the are breaking the law, I get hung up upon.

The only viable solution, I can see is to give false information until the underlying(i.e. law respecting) businesses stop paying.

Moderator’s note: Number edited. If it is a spoofed number, we do not want to falsely incriminate the spoofee.

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There is no easy way to tell. Typically the number will show in normal history on the phone but will not show in our online call logs.

If the issue is bad, you can open a ticket and we will try to help.

Sorry for the lack of response. I missed the notifications.

They are always robo calls. My cell number has been on the DNC list for ages. I’ve ported it a few times from, my original carrier. I will try to add the other one, but since they seem to be spoofing local numbers now, I’m not hopeful.

They are always different numbers. I’ve tried blocking them, but since they are always different…

Are you referring to the number they are calling or their number? Their number is of no use as I’m sure it’s spoofed most (all) of the time.

I may take you up on that offer. I get anywhere from 6-12 calls a day. Would that be reasonable.

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I am saying when they call is the call showing on the phone history but not the online history in the Republic Account Portal? If that is the case the call is not going to your published number. If it is not going to the published number, we can change the cellular routing number in support.

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