Is there a way to install stock android on a Samsung phone?

Samsung phones typically come with a bunch of Samsung “bloatware.”
Additionally, it seems that Samsung wants users to use Samsung’s “version of android” and live in the Samsung world.
I had a Samsung phone and returned it mostly because of the above… which slowed down the phone and was continually dogging me with “samsung this” and “samsung that.”
So, is there any way to just run “pure android” on a samsung phone and free the phone from samsung?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy a phone that isn’t Samsung?

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Yes, it would be if there were more smaller phones like the Galaxy S10e. I like smaller smartphones… something similar to my current Moto X4. Most newer phones are B I G. The S10e was just about the smallest phone I could find. But I see now that the Pixel 4/4a might be the way to go.

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