Is there a way to receive texts sent to my phone's background number?

I’ve used my phone’s background number to verify an account elsewhere online because it would not accept the VOIP number. Now that other service is asking me to re-verify with the same number, but it won’t send a call this time- only an SMS. I am locked out of that account until I can figure out how to receive a text sent to my phone’s background number.

Hi @rebeccam.kg4x92,

If you have a Republic 3.0 phone and/or are using Republic Anywhere as your text messaging app, the old workaround no longer works. If you happen to be using a legacy Republic phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) and the bundled Messaging app, it might still work.

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I’m not using the Republic Anywhere app, but I am on Republic 3.19 and a Moto G4 Plus. Is there any way I could hook up a third-party messaging app to the background number instead of the main number?

I’m afraid not. The workaround you employed, which I’ve done a time or two in the past myself, was never officially supported and simply does not work with new Republic phones. Is there any way to change the number you gave the referenced service or must you first confirm before that’s possible?


I may be able to change the number by contacting that service’s customer support . Thank you for your help!

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