Is there a way to show where data is spent?


A pie chart or something similar?

new use here…tx,DM


there a bar graph as part of the android system under setting/data usage

1.0/2.0 have a There is a similar graph in the Republic app (1.0/2.0 phones app and 3.0 phone app)

Edit to include 3.0 in the Republic app also have the bar graph

thank @rolandh and @amitl


Republic’s 3.0 app has a bar graph same as 1.0/2.0. It is limited to just the current month with no ability to look back to previous months.

@davidm.ivrtdb, without knowing which Republic phone you have, here’s some general information:


does the 3.0 app still show which apps are using the data or just how much of the data is being used?

(I don’t have a 3.0 phone so was not going to list what I did not know)


Yes, 3.0 app shows the individual app data usage…however, it is displayed as a percent of the total usage.

The total usage is still displayed in actual MBs. As @rolandh noted above, historical data usage is not available in the 3.0 app…you can only see the data usage for the current billing cycle.


Republic’s 3.0 app shows total data used. It does break down individual app use but expresses that as a percentage rather than megabytes.


Just want to reiterate what drm186 mentioned above.

Although the Republic app isn’t as useful for this on 3.0 phones, you can still get more detailed information about app use of data through the Android Settings app (Settings > Data Usage).

Be aware, though, that this includes data usage for which you are NOT charged (e.g., use by the Republic app), so it will be a slight overestimate. However, it’s still useful for seeing which apps are using the most data and how much (you can also view data usage over the past several months – use the option to change the date the cycle begins so it matches your billing date).