Is there a way to stifle the Republic app's insistence on connecting?

Is there a way to keep the Republic app from interrupting when I’m out and about? The scenario: I’m in an area where wi-fi is not available to me (e.g., it’s only Comcast or Verizon or some such, and I don’t have an account). I’m trying to enter a calendar note, or I’m trying to show a clerk a downloaded & saved coupon, and the Republic app takes over, asking me to connect with this or that wi-fi signal.

Nine times out of 10, I can’t get back to the calendar or the coupon or the whatever fast enough to finish the original transaction.

I can’t find a way to tell it, “no wi-fi right now, please.” Is there a way to do that?

This is with the Moto X gen 1.

The is not a way to tell it “no wi-fi right now, please.” … but the RW app does provide the ability to turn off two things.

  • In the RW app select Settings/WiFi settings
    • Deselect ‘Ask me to join WiFi networks’ and ‘Help me with extra verification’
    • Select the WiFi tab, then tap the network you’re connected (home) to at the bottom
      • Select ‘Saved’ and make sure you don’t show one of the offending providers
    • Select Android Settings (2 swipes down)/Gear/Wi-Fi
      • If any of the offending providers have been ‘Saved’ open them and ‘Forget’

Thanks, Jben. I’ve set the Republic app as you suggest; can’t find any listing under the Android wi-fi except my home wi-fi, so will assume that there are no more networks saved there.

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