Is there a work around for the following issue

At this time U.S. Bank only allows for traditional, United States mobile phone numbers to be used in the ‘Mobile Phone Number’ section of user profiles. While I wish that I could say otherwise, VoIP numbers cannot be used.

“Is there a workaround”

Aside from switching to a bank or credit union that will accept VOIP numbers…no.

There is nothing to “work around”. It is that company or service that has decided to not allow VOIP based numbers. Nothing Republic can do about that.

Online only banks, Discover, Ally…etc. tend to be more with the times and tend to accept VOIP labeled numbers. I use Discover with no issues.

EDIT: My mother who is on Republic uses U.S Bank just fine. Though, her number was in their system long before she was on Republic.

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My number works fine with US Bank for years.

Thanks for the quick reply


Mine works with USAA

Hi @dzgutt and welcome to the Community!

A list has been started here: Alternative Bank Authentication Methods. To date, U.S. Bank isn’t on the list. Since you’re their customer, you might ask them if they offer similar alternatives. If so, and you let us know, U.S. Bank could then be added to the list.

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