Is there an app I can download to my Android to be able to video call to my grandson on his Kindle?

My grandson has a Kindle. It is already set up with Alexa and he can access his Dad’s phone list to call me. I want to be able to video chat with him.
Is there an app I can download to my Android (Motorola) phone to do that?

Are there other options to set us up to video chat with each other?

Take a look at Google Duo - High Quality Video Calls, I haven’t used this, but it is from Google, and not a 3rd party and appears to have the specs

Hi @csandefer,

Google Duo is an obvious choice for Androids, however, I’m uncertain it runs on Amazon’s Kindles and both ends of the conversation need to be using the same app.

Since your grandson has Alexa built into his Kindle, you might check out Amazon’s Alexa app for Android:

The Alexa Android app makes voice and video calls to Amazon Echo devices and other devices running the Alexa app. Is your grandson able to use the Alexa app on his Kindle?

Yes! He uses the Alexa to video or voice with his dad. He even was able to call me on the Alexa app, but the video did not show as an option.

I do have Duo already on my phone. We looked up Duo on his Kindle, but it was under “games” so was too unsure to download on a device I did not buy.

I see an app called “Duo” in Amazon’s app store but it is not Google Duo, so that doesn’t appear to be an option.

Theoretically, Amazon’s Alexa app for Android offers video calling but it appears that may be limited to Echos rather than Kindles and smartphones running the Alexa app.

Skype is available in Amazon’s app store and also for Android. Perhaps, that will suffice?

One thing to bear in mind when considering video calling is that it will use data, and if not on WiFi it will go through your cellular data $$ quickly

Amazon (Alexa and Kindle) keeps the Google suite of software at arm length. Google’s Duo may not be an option. Perhaps Skype is a workable solution for both devices.

Skype would hopefully be a good option.

@csandefer, Another alternative (that I hesitate to bring up) is Facebook Messenger / Kids. This would mean you and his parents would have to have Facebook. His parents could set him up with a Facebook Messenger Kids account and allow him to video chat with you on your Facebook Messenger. I have some concerns about Facebook’s data privacy handling. However, Facebook Messenger was one of the ways my kids were able to talk to their friends this crazy year. It’s also available on all platforms.


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