Is there an APP that blocks calls from going to voicemail that actually works?



Is there an APP that blocks calls from going to voicemail that actually works? I have tried 3-4 different apps and none have worked, are they any that do work with RW?

(I have been receiving daily calls from a jail inmate that I don’t know, yes… I could block it but I am also getting voicemails. I’ve called the jail etc but nothing has helped & Its driving me crazy.)

Testimonies welcomed.
Thanks much.


Which phone do you have?

I ask because call blocking is built into the Republic app on the 3.0 phones.


Hi @vickih.geimxh

Everyone understands your frustration.

This is a member-to-member support site and as such, I can advise that we will need to know…
1). Which phone?.
2). Did you just activate it?.
3). Did you port or transfer your number, or is it new?.

Your profile shows you have been on RW for a while, but do not visit this forum often…which is a good thing in a way…(no problems).


Hi @billg,

The new feature in 3.0 does not prevent calls from going to voicemail.


Hi @vickih.geimxh,

That is a lovely avatar, did you create it?

@carlh, one of our long-time members and a Community Expert has tested several call-blocking apps extensively and wrote a Tips & Tricks topic where he recommended the one he found to work the most reliably.


I have a Samsung S7 Edge.



I have a Samsung S7 Edge
Activated it about 2 months ago as an upgrade from a Moto X 2nd gen.
I did not transfer my number, it was given to me from RW when I opened my account 2ish years ago.

I am getting constant, almost daily, voicemails I want to stop. Ive tried probably 4 apps now and none have worked.

Hoping someone can help.


I feel your pain. I’ve spent a lot of time at my SO’s condo lately. She has a land line and a 2.0 phone with an RW number and an underlying cell number. She receives ab out 6 spam calls a day and they are coming in on all three numbers. One morning I received a spam call on her cell (I didn’t check to see which number it came in on) and a couple of hours later I receive the same spam call on her land line. You have probably received that one too. It starts playing a recording about 'your AT&T…" and she had never done any business with AT&T.


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