Is there an unlimited data plan?


Is there an unlimited data plan?


Republic does not offer a unlimited data plan.
“Unlimited is Unnecessary”
The current plan is called My Choice. $15 a month for Unlimited talk/Text and then $5 per 1GB.

Republic uses Patented Adaptive coverage that makes use of wifi calling first.


I’ve been with RW since the beginning where they stated unlimited everything - no catch. Unfortunate they couldn’t keep their promise.


Why can I only purchase 15 gigs in a month for data? I need to purchase more due to no service because of Hurricane. No response from service ticket. Thanks anyone.


It is not possible to purchase more than 15GB from R.W. This is in there Terms Of Service.
R.W is keen for low data users. That much data is a very rare thing.

However, your situation is quite unique. no doubt.
Only via the Help Ticket can R.W possible make an exception.
I would hope you hear back form them soon.


Hi @vanettenco,

I’m sorry to see that no one has been able to reply on your tickets yet. I’m merging them into a single ticket so the team can more efficiently take care of your request.


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