Is there any help to load information pictures, etc from old phone, to new if you switch over to Republic?


I have questions how do I get them answered? Can’t find a customer service number or any other help. Buying new phone, how do you get information switched from old phone to new?


here some advice in another post by @rolandh

So long as you have both Back up my data and Automatic restore toggled on, anything synced with the Google account on your old phone will sync back to your new phone old-school when you add the same Google account to the new phone. For that which isn’t synced to your Google account, Motorola suggests one of the following apps in place of Moto Migrate:

  1. Copy My Data - Android Apps on Google Play
  2. Phone Copier - MOBILedit - Android Apps on Google Play
  3. SHAREit - Transfer & Share - Android Apps on Google Play


Turn on NFC, place phones back to back and almost all info will be transferred to the new phone.


not all phones have NFC (only the “Best” or basically flagships have NFC)