Is there any sim card installed in my moto E?


Same question. Also, are there any instructions on how to add one?

Republic Moto E 1st Gen (and Moto G 1st Gen) does not have a SIM as it is an CDMA only phones (SIM are a GSM/LTE thing)

Republic Moto E 2nd Gen(same for the Moto X 1st, Moto X 2nd and Moto G 3rd) does have a SIM that is link to the phone and provides access to Sprints LTE (this needs to stay in the phone even if sold as it’s link to the phone and not your account there no personal information on it

@foxfire Are you by chance confusing a SIM card and microSD card? The first connects you to the cell network and the second allows you to add storage to a device.

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